To Let Go of a Loved One

This blog this month is hard for me to write. Two weeks ago, a friend was killed, and she was killed by her son…her only son. Even though we will never really know what happen that night, we do know from his confession he beat her to death and left her to die. He was the love of her life and her only child who was a grown man. Everyone who knows me know my platform is to Let Go. As a relationship/life coach I specialize with working with clients to let go.  Letting go is not just letting go of a significant other, friends or a job. The hardest thing to let go in life is a love one…like your child.

I speak as a mother who had to let go of their own child, my daughter for her to become an independent woman who can survive and take care of her own life. As mother’s we are built to take care of our children and we always want the best for them, but sometimes we continue when they become adults to take care and support them and that’s when we are really hurting them. We are not allowing them to fell in life to learn from it to make them stronger and for them to support their own lives. Telling your child, no…I will not pay your bills anymore…no I will not buy you anymore cars…no I will not pay your rent can seem hard and cruel, but it’s making them become grown independent people.

This is what they call tough love, because you are not out to hurt them or see them fell, you’re out to make them better. In life there are stages and transitions we all should go through for us to grow to have the best life we can have. If you never let go, how are you going to grow. Holding on to the same thing you’re not moving forward, you are only standing still. It’s the same thing for your adult children if you do not let them go through their stages and different transitions, because you are continuously supporting and taking care of them…you are not allowing them to grow.

Tomorrow I go to the memorial of my friend and every day I can’t help but wonder if she had let go would she still be here with us. I always end my blog with a question, because I want you to ask yourself that question to open your mind to where you are in life, but this blog I will not ask a question, but make a statement.

In life there is no do over, so while you are here you should live your best life and if there is anything or anyone in your life you are not happy, content or have peace with…Let It Go. If anyone need or want to talk to me, please feel free to reach me at Relationship Empowerment Group at 317-469-6591 or email at




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