Losing Yourself When In a Relationship

Being in love is a wonderful thing. Sharing your life with someone is something that we all want to do, but sometimes when we fall in love we tend to lose ourselves in the relationship. We put the person first before our own needs and forget about the other people in our lives. We become so consume with the relationship, we forget the world exist.

This is something that is not good nor is it healthy. No one should become so consume with a person in their lives that they only focus on just them. It’s a balance when you are in a relationship, yes you should be there for your sufficient other, but you should also be there for the other people in your life.

I have known people who once they get in a relationship with someone, you do not hear from them or see them anymore. Their whole world becomes the person they are involved with. They push everyone away until something happens to the relationship, then they want everyone to be there for them. This becomes unfair to the people in your life, because they have tried to maintain the relationship with you, but you were the one who let it go and now you want them back in your life.

When in a relationship you must always remember, not only do you want and need that person in your life, but you want and need other people in life also. Don’t push people away just because you’re in love, because you always must remember also if anything happens to the person you love you’re going to need and want those people to be there for you to help you get through it. Don’t lose yourself in the relationship, because you can become lost to the rest of the world.

So…my question is why is it when we fall in love, we fall out of love with the people who has been in our lives?


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