You’re Responsible for Your Own Happiness


Everyone wants to be happy. We all deserve it and we all should have happiness in our lives, but our biggest mistake is most of us depend on someone else for our happiness. No one is responsible for your happiness but you. When in relationships from your significant other, a friendship or even family members, we tend to depend on the other person to make us happy. Happiness is a state of well-being and being content. No one can give that to you, that’s something you give to yourself.

You control your life, so what you let in your life will determine your happiness. If you are not content with the people in your life that you surround yourself with…how are you going to be happy? To take responsible for your happiness you must remove some people to be content and to feel well-being. To enjoy and be fulfill with your life, you must take the steps to make it happen. Letting go of people in your life can be hard to do, but you also must face when people are not making you happy it’s time to let them go to have your happiness.

Another person can enhance your life, but they can’t make you be happy. When someone enters in your life you should all ready have your happiness, because if that person for whatever reason must leave your life you should still be happy with your own life. Yes, a person can make you smile or make you feel good and you want to surround yourself with people who can do that. Those feelings are for the moment, but you want to still have good feelings if they are not around. You want to be happy when you are all alone, because sometime in life you will be alone. And when you have made your own happiness in your life, you will be happy when you are with someone or when you are not.

So…my question is why do we allow people in our lives who do not make us happy?


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