Stop and Evaluate Your Life

Now that the first quarter of the New Year has passed, it’s time to stop and evaluate your life. It’s a New Year and any changes that you said you would do in 2018…are you doing it? Spring is right around the corner and like you would stop and spring clean your house, you should stop, and spring clean your life. This is a good time to look at the changes you have put into place and evaluate if you need to make more changes of what you already have in place or do you need to just make some adjustments.


The only way your life will run smoothly is you have to put procedures into place and make changes where it’s needed. I started my new company, Relationship Empowerment Group, last year and I realize I was still holding on to part of my old company. As I was evaluating my new procedures I had put into place the first quarter of the year to make sure I was on the right track, I discovered I needed to make some adjustments for the new company and let go of things from the old company. If I had not stopped and evaluated things, I would still have part of the old company still existing. I had to clean out my office to remove documents and information from the old company to make room for my new company.


It’s the same way in your life with relationships or your career, you need to evaluate it to see if it’s right and if it’s what you want. By not taking the time to do this you will find yourself holding on to the past and not making room for the future. Everyday life can sometime take over where we have habits and certain ways of doing things that we become too comfortable with in our lives until it’s too late. To stay on top of your life, no matter what it is you must stop and evaluate your life to see if you need to make a change, replace things or let go.


So…my question is why do we ignore the things we need to change?


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