How to Let Go a Friendship

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives. Friends will stick by you through thick and thin. A friend will help get you through marriage or divorce, losing someone you love or just when you make any major changes in your life. True friends are hard to find, but what happens when you and your friend do not see eye to eye anymore and you have out grown each other.

In any relationship, you must continuously grow together for it to work. Once you do outgrow each other and your lives are going in different directions, that’s when you start having problems in the relationship. When you discover you have nothing in common with each other anymore even in a friendship it’s time to let it go.

Breaking up with a friend is harder than breaking up with a sufficient other.  Because friendship is such a special relationship there has been a lot of time invested in the relationship and a lot of memories you share, so it’s not so easy to walk away. But when you start having signs like: when you look at your phone and it’s them calling you don’t want to answer, when you do talk to each other you are totally drained from the conversation or when you are around each other everything you do or say is the opposite of each other…it’s time to face the friendship is over.

That’s the first step in letting go of a friendship is to face it’s over. There does not have to be a huge fight to end it, you simply discuss with your friend how your lives are in different places and you feel you two do not have anything in common anymore. The best way to end a friendship is to start putting distance between each other. No more talking everyday two or three times a day, no more keeping each other into the loop of what’s going on in each other lives and most importantly to love each other from a distance.

So…my question is when the friendship has all the signs that it’s over, why do we keep trying to hold on do it?


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