In order to Let Go in life you have to accept changes. Change is apart of life and when you resist change you don’t grow. Holding on to something or someone, because you can’t accept things have changed is only holding you back. We sometimes wonder why things are not working out for us, maybe because it’s time to make a change and you have not faced that yet.

For the past 12 years I have worked with writers through two of my companies, Writing4Success and Rose Walker Writing Consultants. I love working with writers and had a passion for it. About 2 years ago I seem to have lost my interest and wasn’t marketing my company, doing any new projects or writing. I realized something had shifted in my life and I had no interest in doing any of those things anymore.

After doing some soul-searching, I discovered I wanted to coach. I have always been the one who family and friends would come to about life, relationships and careers. I realize my life had changed career-wise  and I had to accept that in order to move on. Within the past year I started developing a new company, got my certificate as a Relationship Coach and closed out Rose Walker Writing Consultants. I’ve moved on and my new company, Relationship Empowerment Group is now open where I specialize in coaching and guiding individuals on how to end relationships to move on to the next phase of their lives.

Was it hard to let go of just working with writers? Yes. That’s been apart of my life for so long, but life changes. At first I was not accepting it until I realize I really have no interest in doing this anymore and I need to let it go, so I can move on with my life. Whether it’s a career, a relationship or a friendship when things change in life you have to face it and let it go. Have I given up on my personal writing… no, but that has changed also. The things I wrote about in the past 17 years, I’m not writing about it anymore. I’ve been working on a relationship book, Flying on the Same Plane that I hope to have out by 2018.

So…my question is are you stuck in your life, because life has changed and you’re not  facing it to let it go?

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