New Year… New Life

Welcome to 2017!!! It’s a brand new year and a brand new start. Now is the Time to Let Go…of all the things that was not right for you in 2016. A bad relationship, a bad friendship or a bad job. The new year is always the best time to start fresh in your life and not take the drama from the past year with you into a new year. Most people make new year resolutions to get healthy, get their finances in order and try to be a better person. All of those things are great, but if you are still in a bad relationship, have friends who are dragging you down and you hate going to your job…losing weight, having your finance in order and being a better person is not going to make you completely happy.

If you are still with a person who makes you unhappy or have friends that you have nothing in common with and your job is not fulfilling you anymore, those things are not going to be right in your life until you let go of it, because they have a major impact on your life. Who you are with, whether it’s a personal relationship or a friendship and going to a job everyday that is not right for you, getting healthy and having your money right is not going to make your life better. Don’t get me wrong…being healthy physically and financially is a good thing, but if you still have toxin in your life from the major things in your life, you will still not have the best life that you deserve.

Take this time within the first ten days of the new year to evaluate your life. The things that you have dealt with in 2016 which made you unhappy…let it go. Make a resolution or a promise to yourself you will not live the same way in 2017 with the things you know that was not right for you or your life. If you are blessed to still be here to see another year…let the things go that was not right in your life. You have the opportunity to change your life, when there are so many people who are not here to make changes in their life anymore. Don’t take it for granted, because life is short. Live each day as if it’s your last day and make the changes in your life for you to have the best life you can have.

I’m not ending this blog with a question as I usually do…I’m ending it with a statement. Time to Let Go of everything that is not right in your life…to have the right life.

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