Letting Go of the Small Things, But Not the Major Things

As I was flying back home from one of my trips, I was thinking how easy it is to let go of the small things in life, whereas the major things we really need to let go of we can’t. Say for instance, if you miss your flight and there is not another flight to catch right away, we’re okay with that. We except right away we can’t get on the flight we wanted and patiently wait for the next flight. We don’t keep asking the flight personal about the situation, we don’t keep insisting they should find something else right away or we don’t just stand there at the gate waiting for a flight. We accept this is how it is and we walk away and wait for the next flight.

So why is it when someone in your life is not right, we don’t automatically accept that right away and just walk away and patiently wait for the right person to come into our lives. Just like that flight you couldn’t get on and it was nothing you could do about it, but wait for the next one you should apply that same attitude about someone who is not right in your life. If they are not right, let it go and wait for the next person who will be right for you.

You can go to purchase something from food to clothing and they might not have your size or a particular brand of food you want might be out of stock and you let it go right then and except you can’t get what you want at that moment. We are programmed to do that, but we won’t use those same skills to do that when someone who is in our lives that makes us unhappy and not the right person for us, we insist that it’s going to work and stay around to try to make it work, instead of just letting it go.

The way we let go of the small things, we should apply that to the major things in our lives. Relationships, friendships and careers. Those are major things in everyone life and when any of those things are not right , you should let it go. The same way you walk away from the small things that you can’t control, you should do the same thing for the major things you can’t control. If a person you’re with in a relationship is not right for you, you can’t control them to be the way you want them to be. The same thing with a friend or a job you can’t control how it is, but you don’t have to accept how it is. What you can control is what you will accept or what you will not accept. Just as the small things you accept not right for you and you let it go, you should do the same thing with the major things in your life, let it go.

So…my question is why do we let go of the small things in our lives, but not the major things we really need to let go of, we don’t?


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