When in a Bad Relationship How to Let It Go

When in a relationship with someone it can be complicated enough, but when things are not right in the relationship it can become unbearable. Just talking too or dating someone is not being in a relationship with them. This is something that has to developed over time and the two people are committed to each other. So therefore, you have put your time and energy into being with each other for it to be a relationship. When things start going bad between the two people, that’s when someone has to make the decision to walk away.

It’s never easy to end a relationship, but it is something that has to be done. When the relationship becomes where you are unhappy and you do not see any future with the person, you need to let it go. How do you do that? First you have to face this is not making you happy and you can’t see yourself with this person in the future. It all starts with you and how you really see the relationship and not how you want the relationship to be. Accepting the truth about your relationship is the key to letting it go.

Once you have face the truth, I’ve always felt it’s right to talk to the other person about your feelings. You will be surprise sometimes, when you express how you are feeling with the other person that they feel the same way. We sometimes take relationships for granted and they become habits between two people, which means both parties are just functioning with each other instead of being really happy and growing together in the relationship. They are with each other and feel that’s the right thing to do, because they have been doing it so long that no one has stopped and really dealt with what they are truly feeling in the relationship.

That’s when it’s easy to let go, because both people are at the same place. When it’s hard to let go is when you’re feeling that way and the other person is not. That’s when you have to become just a little bit selfish and decide you have to make yourself happy to enjoy the rest of your life, so you need to be the one to let go and walk away. You have to do some serious soul-searching to make sure this is how you truly feel and know this is not the right person for you anymore. You have to always remember this is your life, your happiness and your future. You are the one who can determine the direction of your own life and not someone else. Walking away may hurt the person initially, but in the long run it will be the best thing that could happen to them. The reason it will be the best thing is, because you really don’t want the relationship anymore, which means your heart and soul is not in it. You or the other person do not want to be with someone when they simple do not want to be there, so it’s best to let it go, so both people can find their happiness.

So… my question is have you really looked at yourself to know you’re not in the right relationship that you want to be in?


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