How to Let Go

While writing this blog on letting go, I realize I had not talked about how to actually let go. Walking away from any relationship is hard and unfortunately in all of our life spans that’s something we have to do. People always ask me how do I let go of things so easily, especially relationships. I tell people it’s not always easy, but it’s something that I have to do for myself. I learned a long time ago, if I don’t look out for me, who will? Letting go is something I do for me to make my life better. Have I ever been in a relationship or even just getting to know someone and I had to let them go and was it hard…yes. And even though it was a hard thing to do, I knew it was the best thing to do for me.

During the years of letting go I have developed a technique to it. I don’t go into any relationship thinking I’m going to get out of this, but I pay attention to the things that are a red flag that I might have to let this go. The first couple of signs I get from someone when I first start talking to them that this is not what I want, I end it right then. The art of letting go is to pay attention to what’s happening to you and do not procrastinate about the situation, but deal with it right at the moment. If you don’t that’s when you become emotional attached and it’s really hard to let it go then. Listen to your gut when it’s telling you this is not right. Pay attention to what the person is showing you, because actions do not lie.

When you have to let go in life, yes you hurt for the moment, but that’s just it, it is just for the moment. You would rather be hurting for a moment, then for a long time. Staying in a relationship with someone who you feel has hurt you, you would rather walk away right away to not keep continuously being hurt. See the thing about letting go is you are taking care of you and not allowing things to hurt or destroy your life. Sometimes we don’t want to face what people are doing to us, but if you don’t face it you will never be able to let it go.

Letting go pertains to all types of relationships from friends to a job. Letting go means whatever that’s in your life is not right for you, you need to let it go. Sometimes we out grow our friendships and we have to walk away and sometimes you out grow your job and you have to walk away. It’s hard to do, but when you get to the place where, whatever the situation is from a relationship, friendship or a job is hurting you and not what you want, you have to let it go.

So…my question is why do we stay involved with any situation when it’s not right for us?

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  1. I think some people hold on, thinking it’ll get better/they can change someone. I know many people who think it’s “possible” to fix someone (although, that comes from within).

    I’m sure there are other ties to people staying with someone – i.e. the other person is sick, or kids, “too much time put into this relationship.”

    Great blog, btw 😉


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