Walk Away When It’s Not Right

Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone? You know that feeling that something is not right? You ignore it and continue to be with the person, when deep down you know it’s not the right thing to do. Usually your intuition is right and you should listen to it. When something is telling you there is something about a person that is not right, why ignore it. You would be saving yourself a lot of time and trouble if you simple walk away in the very beginning.

How many times have you been with someone and you find yourself talking to someone else in your life about the person you are seeing. You like them…but something is just not right with them and there is something missing. Than you find yourself saying, but I think I can make it work. You’re telling the other person that, when actually you’re really trying to convince yourself into staying in the relationship. We sometimes get into relationships with the intent of helping the other person. That’s your first clue right there, if you have to help someone to be with them, you don’t need them.

People are who they are and if it’s something about that person that you feel the need you have to help them be another way or the way they are, you don’t care for…listen to that. We all know what’s right and what’s wrong when we are with someone. Whether its dating them or being in a relationship with them and you know it’s wrong for you…let it go. Holding on to someone is not going to make it develop into what’s right for you. Holding on is only tormenting you. You’re spending your time being with someone who is not right for you, while your life is pasting you by.

The longer you stay with someone and ignore what your gut is telling you about the person, the harder it becomes to walk away. You become emotional attach to them and that’s when you start to feel like you can make it work. When in reality it’s not working, because you have doubts and concerns about who they are, which means you don’t believe they are true and correct. The thing about walking away in the beginning when your gut is telling you this is not right,  you are not allowing yourself to become attach to the person, you are stopping it before it get started.

If you know you are not the type of person who can detach yourself from someone easily, you should pay attention to all the signs in the very beginning. Trust me, there are signs in the beginning when you start talking to someone, which is when your gut usually kick into high gear to warn you to get out. Don’t ignore it and don’t continue on with it…you simple just need to walk away from it.

So…my question is why do we ignore our gut when it’s telling us to leave someone alone, but instead we move forward with it?

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