Look at What a Person Show You

Actions do not lie. A person can tell you anything, but their actions will show you the truth. When you are meeting someone for the first time or have started to interact with them, you should always look at what they show you, because that’s who they really are. I’ve always said a person shows you who they are, we are the ones who don’t see it. People can say anything, it’s what they do that count. It’s very easy for me to say I’ll do a blog every week, the only way you will know that’s true is from my actions of blogging every week. That’s an action that will tell you I’m committed to doing it. It’s the same thing with someone in your life, if what they say is not what they are showing you and most importantly it’s not what you want… you should let it go.

It’s so easy to say I love you. But what’s hard is to truly face what action is done behind those three simple words when someone tells you they love you. If they say I love you, but constantly lie to you that’s not loving you. If they say I love you, but are abusing you physically and mentally, that’s not loving you. Their actions are showing you pain and hurt not love, the only thing you are getting is the words. If they are saying they love you and their actions are caring, honest, concerned, committed and they are there for you all the time, they are saying those words, but their actions are showing what they are saying.
If you meet someone and start dating them to get to know them and they are always late or do not show up when you have plans, I don’t care how much they claim they like you and want to be with you their actions shows something else. First, how can they get to know you when they don’t show up or  spend time with you. If they are always late, they do not respect or value your time, which should tell you, you must not be important. If someone is continuously saying they want to get to know you and be with you, but their actions are showing something else, don’t turn your head the other way and not look at what they are showing you.
Let’s talk about when people disappear. If you are with someone and they disappear where you do not hear from them or see them, because they say they are busy, but still want to be with you. They are showing you they really don’t want to be with you.  When a person want to see or talk to you they will. It’s very simple, if someone truly want you in their life their actions will show that. They will have consistent communicate with you and they will not disappear out of your life. When a person don’t want you in their life, their actions will show you, because you will not see them or hear from them. I don’t care what a person say to you, all you have to do is look at what a person do to you.

So…my question is why do we turn the other way and ignore what a person is showing us, instead we believe what a person tell us?


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