The Season and the Reason

No matter where you live, you have different seasons. Fall turns into winter and spring turns into summer. Just like you have different seasons for the weather, you have different seasons for people to come into your life. Sometime people come into your life for a season and a reason. Every person you meet who you might go out on dates with or develop a relationship, you might only need to be with them for one season and it’s  for a certain  reason you’re with them. The problem comes when you don’t face the person is only in your life for that certain season and what’s going on in your life could be the reason. The challenge that most of us have is we try to make it permanent, when it’s only for a season and a reason…so let it go.

I can remember there was a time when I was very unhappy in my career. I was working somewhere that I had become angry and just didn’t want to be there. I had met someone while working there and we were getting to know each other. So we were spending time together and it kept me occupied from being so unhappy with my job. Even though he was nice, it was still something missing, but I enjoyed him anyway and it kept me balance so all my emotions was not negative about work. When I decided to make a career change, we stopped communicating with each other and went our separate ways. I realize he was only in my life for a season and the reason was he occupied my mind on other things instead of how much I hated my job. When his season was over… I simple let it go.

Sometimes we try to hold on to people in our lives when they are only meant to be there for a period of time. You can be going through something in your life and it’s nice to have a shoulder to cry on and someone to support you through it. The key is to know this is what’s happening right now for the moment and that person might not be the right one for you, only right for what you might be going through at the time. Everyone who comes into your life you are not suppose to be with them forever.

When things are not right and it seems like nothing is going right with each other, step back and look at what’s really happening in your life, because that can be a clue. Things might not be right if the person is just there for a season and reason. Sometimes we need a distraction from what we might be going through to help us get through it. If that person is only supposed to be there for a season and a reason, it’s not going to work, so don’t try to make it be lasting, when it’s time… let it go.

So…my question is why do we try to hold on to someone when we know their time is up?


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  1. I love this one because it is something that everyone can relate to. I think of it as time management. What I mean by this is if I feel like you are wasting my time I will just cut you off, but before I do so I would have let you known how I was feeling before hand. Communication is the key in any relationship. It is a little cold, but it makes it easier for me to move on.
    Some people are in denial and miserable. Life is too short for that. You have to enjoy the life you have because you only live once. Quit holding yourself and that person hostage.


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