Back and Forth

I’ve never been one who goes back and forth in a relationship. When it get to the place where something has occurred that I need to end the relationship…that’s it. I end it and I do not get back with the person. I do not break-up with someone, then we get back together again and we keep going back and forth with each other. One minute you have broken-up, then the next minute you’re back together. It’s not healthy and you can’t move on completely with your life until you close that chapter for good.

Now everyone have disagreements when they are together and you have not officially called it off, that’s totally different. You might not see eye to eye on certain things sometimes, so you need to step away from each other to regroup and work it out. But when there is a serious issue or problem where it can’t be resolve and you call it quits, because of that issue or problem you need to let that be your final decision. If  something has happened so serious where you get to the stage of you do not want to deal with what has happened and no one has or will compromise to fix the situation…let it go for good.

The thing about going back and forth with someone is really just putting off the final end of the relationship. It’s really not fair to play with someone emotions by telling them it’s over, but you continue to mess around with them. It can also be dangerous, because it can turn into someone stalking you or hurting you. Whatever happen to get you to the place of wanting and needing to leave that person alone let that be it. Most of the time when you get back with them the problem only happens again or something new to make you want to leave them alone again. This means the underlying issue has not been resolve, so why keep going back and forth with them.

When an issue or problem comes up again you’re ready to break it off again, when you should have stuck with your final decision from day one. Look at how many years you have wasted with your life going back and forth with the same person who obviously was not right.You couldn’t work through it or solve the problem that keep causing you to break-up with them, so why keep trying to make it work, when it’s not working. Working through something together there is nothing wrong with that, but when you don’t have a change in the situation you shouldn’t keep going back and forth with the same person. Nothing changes unless you make a change.

So…my question is how do a person take someone serious when you want them out of your life, when you tell them to go, but you keep taking them back?



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