Time to Let Go

My name is Rose Walker and I’ve been a freelance writer for over fifteen years, I’m internationally published in Great Britain, a speaker, writing instructor and owner of Rose Walker Writing Consultants. I’ve also been married, divorce, in quite a few relationships and on a lot of dates. I have always had two mantra in my life that I have gone by when concerning any type of relationship ‘If I’m Flying on Delta and You’re Flying on America we are not Flying Together’ and my other mantra is ‘Let it Go’. If I’m not compatible with someone and we do not have the same lifestyle, we’re not flying on the same plane. If the person is not right for me or being in the relationship is not right I have always just simple let it go.

I known people to be together for twenty years, whether they were married or lived together they were unhappy in their relationship. They have cried, complained and been angry, but they stayed in the relationship. Eventually they end up leaving, but look at how many years of their lives have been wasted by being in a relationship that they were not happy in. If you’ve been in a relationship with someone for twenty years and let’s say ten of those years you was not happy you should have let it go early on, so you can have your happiness. All of our days are numbered, from the day you take your first breath to the day you take your last breath. We need to enjoy everyday of our lives and not lose time being in a relationship that is not right. I’m not saying it’s always easy to walk away, but the longer you stay the harder it becomes to leave.

There are all types of advice out there about how to find the right one, how to make it work or how to keep it going, but sometimes that person might not be right person for you or the relationship has run its course and that’s when you need to just let it go. This blog will be about when and how to let it go to walk away and if the person you’re with the two of you are not flying on the same plane. Everyone need to realize just because someone might like or love you…they might not be right for you. When you meet someone and from day one it’s not right, let it go. When you have done all you can do to make the relationship work and nothing has really changed that’s the time to let it go. In order for you to let go, you have to first face this is not right and this is not what I want, than you can walk away. So…my question is why do we stay in relationships when it’s not right?



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  1. So this obviously applies to men as well as women. Now ladies STOP settling for anything just to say you have a man. Have some standards and accept nothing less. Men like and respect women with standards. Think about the dog. The thrill is in the chase. Once the dog catches whatever he is chasing then he stops playing with that toy and moves on to another toy. Ladies spend some time alone. You do not have to have a man with you. Men do not define you especially if you are in a 75/25 relationship! Move on. It is your way or the highway!


  2. Real talk! James Baldwin said “Love does not begin and end the way we seen to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is growing up.” Part of letting go is reaching a level in understanding that the battles of yesterday has affected the way you became who you are today—but you learn and grow.


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